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4th Jan 2021

The Legacy of MF DOOM: A Rap Rankings Tribute

Supported by call-ins from long-time fans, archival audio and the music of the man himself, Moulz, Mel & @fromoldharlem celebrate the life and legacy of MF DOOM.

Intro (0:00)

Part 1: KMD, Zev Love X and The Loss of Subroc (11:23)

Part 2: Transformation Into MF DOOM, Operation: DOOMSDAY and Monsta Island Czars (43:31)

Part 3: Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah, Special Herbs Series and DOOM's Feature Run (1:45:20)

Part 4: Madvillainy (2:27:51)

Part 5: MM..FOOD and MM..LEFTOVERS (3:34:20)

Part 6: DANGERDOOM (4:06:09)

Part 7: GHOSTDOOM and Born Like This (4:41:14)

Part 8: JJ DOOM, NehruvianDOOM, MA DOOM and Czarface Meets Metal Face (5:06:48)

Part 9: Final Thoughts (5:25:46)


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